Brown Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Brown Beaded Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Our brown Swarovski crystal earrings are handcrafted using genuine brown crystal beads. Often combiuned with other Swarovski colors or Swarovski pearls.
Unique handmade beaded earrings that you cannot buy anywhere else.
Matching necklaces are on the Swarovski Jewery pages.
Swarovski Brown and Gold Crystal Earrings
Swarovski mocha and sun earrings
Swarovski mocha and sun crystal beads.
This is a dark brown and a very bright golden color.
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#5164 Brown Swarovski Crystal Earrings $16

Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Earrings
Swarovski copper and topaz earrings
Swarovski copper color pearl and dark gold color crystal, named for the imperial topaz gemstone.
Matches Swarovski necklace #352
Handmade beaded earrings.
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#5183 Swarovski Dark Yellow Crystal and Copper Pearl Earrings $15

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