Blue Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Blue Swarovski Crystal Necklaces

This blue jewelry features handmade Swarovski jewelry in many shades of aqua and blue. The beaded necklaces often include coordinating or contrasting gemstones or lampwork beads. These unique blue necklaces are not sold on other websites.
Swarovski Dark Sapphire Crystal and Gemstone Blueberry Quartz Necklace
blue crystal and blueberry quartz necklace
Length; 18 inches
Man made blueberry quartz in 2 shades of blue combined with dark blue Swarovski crystals in a handmade necklace.
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#361 Blueberry Quartz and Swarovski Dark Sapphire Blue Necklace $39
Swarovski Blue Crystal and Gemstone Cracked Quartz Necklace
blue crystal and quartz necklaceblue crystal and cracked quartz
Length: 16 3/4 inches
Light, medium, and dark blue Swarovski crystal beads contrast with the icy look of cracked quartz gemstones.
This unique necklace design makes the different shades of blue stand out.
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#368 Cracked Quartz and Swarovski Sapphire Crystal Necklace $44
Swarovski Indicolite, Azore and Rose Handmade Beaded Necklace
Swarovski pink and aqua with lamp glass necklaceSwarovski necklace lamp glass bead

Length: 18 inches
Swarovski crystal bicones in 3 shades of aqua blue: light transparent, medium translucent, and dark transparent.
Lamp glass beads with medium aqua bands and rose flowers serve as focal points. Rose colored Swarovski beads complement the flowers and add interest to the unique jewelry design..
For matching earrings, choose rose or aqua Swarovski earrings from the Earring Page or contact us to order any color bicone earrings, hook or clip on.
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#304 Indicolite and Rose Swarovski Crystal Necklace $44
Swarovski Sapphire and Peridot Crystal Necklace
Swarovski handcrafted sapphire and peridot necklaceSwarovski necklace glass oval bead

Length: 18 inches
Bright medium blue and light blue Swarovski beads match the blue lines in the lampwork glass beads.These are pure blue colors, not aqua.
Matching earrings: Swarovski blue or peridot on the Earring Page or contact us to order any color bicone crystal earrings, hook or clip on
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#306 Swarovski Sapphire and Peridot with Lamp Glass Necklace $43
Swarovski Rose and Light Sapphire Crystal Necklace
Swarovski rose and blue necklace .
Length 18 inches
Pure light blue Swarovski crystal gets its name from the light blue sapphire gemstone.
This necklace combines the blue with rose and clear crystal colors, pastels that are appropriate for the flower shape toggle clasp.
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#297 Rose and Light Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Necklace $39.75
Swarovski Purple and Light Blue Necklace
Swarovski lilac and blue necklace
Length 18 1/2 inches
Swarovski aquamarine crystal is a bright light aqua blue. Swarovski tanzanite has more lavender than the light tanzanite gemstone.
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#296 Swarovski Aqua and Purple Beaded Necklace $39.75
Indicolite Crystal Necklace

Indicolite Swarovski Necklace
Length: 17 inches
Swarovski crystal necklace in 4 shades of aqua including a very light transparent, medium translucent, bright darker transparent, and a very dark.
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#S178 Swarovski Indicolite Handmade Necklace $42

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