Beaded Swarovski Black Jewelry

Swarovski Black Crystal Necklaces

Black Swarovski crystal jewelry is more conservative than clear crystal jewelry. Wear it for either formal or more informal occasions.
Our Swarovski handmade jewelry is handcrafted using our own unique beaded jewelry designs.
Swarovski Jet Black and Clear Crystal Necklace with Black Pendant
crystal and jet necklacejet and crystal necklace close up
Length: 16 1/2 inches plus 1 1/4 inch drop.
The black Swarovski beads give this necklace more interest while maintaining the sparkle of clear crystal. The shape of the Swarovski jet color pendant gives it a modern look.
Use it with any color formal wear.You won’t have to buy new jewelry if you buy a new formal dress.
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#362 Swarovski Crystal and Black Necklace with Pendant $49.75
Faceted Black Onyx and Multi Color Swarovski Crystal Necklace
black onyx and multi color crystal necklace
Length: 18 inches
The sparkling black onyx beads add consistency to this design. They separate the Swarovski crystals to let each color show instead of blending together. The length allows more colors to be visible in front.
The look is more conservative than a completely multi color Swarovski necklace.
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#369 Swarovski Crystal Colors and Faceted Black Onyx Necklace $48
More faceted black onyx handmade beaded necklaces available.
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