Beaded Jewelry Buying Tips – Photos and Descriptions

Is What You See What You Get?
There are many jewelry websites with beautiful photos, creative names for their items, and glowing descriptions. But do you really know what you are buying? Our goal is satisfied customers who will be happy when they receive their purchases. We give you the kind of information that tells you exactly what you are buying.

Photos: Each beaded jewelry item may have several different pictures. Little thumbnails are shown on pages designed for quick browsing. Click on it to see a large photo of the entire item including the back of a necklace and clasp. Close ups show interesting bead designs or shapes. A photo of a person wearing the jewelry helps to show length and bead size.
Photos are taken using professional photography lights with special daylight bulbs. Colors are adjusted using photoshop if necessry. However, even the actual bead colors can look different in daylight or indoor lighting. It is impossible to post a photo online that will display accurately on every computer screen or mobile device. We include written color descriptions. If the description does not seem to match the picture, trust the description.
Movies found on the home page or under News and Fashion show beads with special characteristics that do not show well in photos.

Detailed Text Descriptions: Necklace or earring lengths, bead sizes, and bead content can be deceiving in photos. This information is included in descriptions. Click on a thumbnail photo to see it.
We also offer posts on millimeter conversion and determining bead shapes. Look under Learn About Beads.

All of our information is meant to be helpful and accurate. Nothing is intended to be deceiving. Ask questions. Email me.

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