Beaded Blue Glass Jewelry

Blue Glass Bead Necklaces

Blue handmade beaded jewelry that features millefiori and other lampwork glass beads combined with little glass seed beads or gemstones. Medium blue, light blue, or aqua blue jewelry handcrafted with our unique handmade necklaces designs.
Blue Lamp Glass and White Gemstone Necklace
medium blue lamp glass and white gemstone necklaceBlue glass necklace close up
Bright medium blue lampwork glass beads with darker blue and white bands. Large chunky white nuggets of a gemstone sold as China Stone.
Length: 18 inches
Matching earrings #5109
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#308 White Gemstone and Blue Glass Necklace $33
Light Blue Millefiori Glass 2 Strand Necklace
light blue millefiori glass 2 strand necklacelight blue millefiori and lamp glass close up
Large blue lamp glass beads with rose flowers act as connectors between a single strand and 2 strands of small millefiori beads in this unique necklace. The little round beads have tiny light blue flowers.
Long necklace: 24 1/2 inches
Matching earrings #5017
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#315 Light Blue Millefiori and Lamp Glass Necklace $31
Aqua Lampwork Glass and Seed Bead Necklace

Aqua Lamp Glass and Seed Bead Necklace
Long necklace 32 inches
3 long strands of seed beads, each in a different shade.of light blue, interspersed with cubes and lamp glass beads. Rose flowers and small green leaves in the medium aqua blue transparent lampwork glass. A unique blue necklace.
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#101 Lampwork Glass and Seed Beads Aqua Necklace $46

Light Blue Millefiori Necklace

Light Blue Millefiori Glass Necklace
One of a kind. Similar available.
Long necklace: 36 inches
Many tiny bright aqua blue flowers in very light blue glass.
Can be worn as an extra long single strand or a shorter 2 strand beaded necklace.
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#132 Millefiorii light blue necklace $34

Frosted Quartz and Blue Glass Bead Necklace
frosted quartz and blue glass necklace
Light blue glass beads are accents in a gemstone necklace of clear quartz beads with frosted finish.
This is a pure blue, not aqua. Wear it with this year’s blues or contrast it with other colors.
Can be combined with Frosted Quartz and Pink Glass Necklace #218 as a mix and match necklace set.
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#217 Handmade Blue Glass and Frosted Quartz Gemstone Necklace $31
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