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Obsidian Necklaces
Did you know that obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that can be chipped to make sharp edges. In ancient times it was used for tools and weapons.
Beaded gemstone jewelry. Necklaces handcrafted using genuine obsidian gemstone beads. This handmade jewelry contains a brown variety of obsidian named mahogany obsidian.
Matching handmade beaded gemstone earrings are priced separately.
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Obsidian SetMahogany Obsidian Gemstone Jewelry Set
You can adjust length and strands with this jewelry set. Directions and suggestions are on the Mix and Match Set page.The S hook clasps used in this set are the same as those used for most other sets. 

TIP: Wear this fashionable beaded necklace with your favorite aqua or brown top.

Mahogany Obsidian NecklaceBasic Mahogany Obsidian Gemstone Necklace
Nice brown gemstones with black veining. Seed bead spacers are lighter brown.
Wear this bead necklace with your earth tone clothes.
#OB147 Mahogany Obsidian Necklace $30
Mahogany Obsidian necklace
Handmade Beaded Mahogany Obsidian and Sunstone Necklacesunstone gemstone necklace
mahogany obsidian and sunstone gemstone necklace
Dark brown obsidian contrasts with glimmering sunstone coins and sunstone with white matrix. Looks great with brown or rust clothes.
#OB220 Mahogany Obsidian and Sunstone Necklace $34

Mahogany obsidian earringsMahogany Obsidian Gemstone Earrings
Matches necklace #OB147.
also available as clip on earrings
#5035 Mahogany Obsidian Earrings $15

Obsidian and Turquoise NecklaceMahogany Obsidian and Turquoise Necklace
One of a kind. Similar available.
This turquoise jewelry is interspersed with the nice contrasting dark brown mahogany obsidian gemstone beads.
Use the basic obsidian necklace to add 17" to the length of this necklace.
Add more brown with the basic obsidian necklace as a second strand.
#OB148 Turquoise and Obsidian Necklace $35

Obsidian and Turquoise Necklace
Turquoise chip earringsTurquoise Earrings
One of a kind. Similar available.
Genuine turquoise chips
Matches necklace #OB148
#5021 Turquoise Chip Earrings $16

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass. It forms when lava solidifies.
It was inlaid in the gold collar found on King Tut’s mummy. It was also used in Mexico for images of their god Tezcatlipoca and to make mirrors used for telling the future

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